Birth To Five – Baby Attuned

Birth To Five – Baby Attuned

BabyAttuned Mom/Dad and Baby Discussion groups address the joys and challenges of parenting, with nonjudgmental guidance around all aspects of baby care and development, including establishing healthy feeding, sleep, activity, and interactive play routines; monitoring each baby’s developmental progress; encouraging reflective and sensitive parenting and awareness of parents’ stress and coping strategies; and promoting camaraderie, friendships, and a sense of community.

These classes are distinct from other mommy and me groups in their focus on discussion of parents’ individual questions and concerns, and research based child development education. Classes may also include infant massage instruction, mindful meditation for mom/dad, age-appropriate songs and interactive play and learning activities.

The curriculum is developed and facilitated by Eileen Escarce, PhD, MA, MSN, a licensed clinical developmental psychologist, certified infant mental health specialist, certified infant massage instructor (CIMI), and experienced pediatric nurse practitioner. Dr. Escarce has taught Mom and Baby groups at the Pump Station in Santa Monica and in private homes. Currently, all Mom or Dad/Baby classes are taught remotely using Google Meet. Next sessions begin in September.

Class Descriptions:

BabyAttuned Mom/Dad and Baby Discussion Groups (8 weeks):

Includes a developmental topic for discussion each week, songs, interactive play, and mindful meditation practice for mom and/or dad. Includes a developmental record and age-appropriate learning activity sheet. (Minimum 6/Maximum 12, no drop-ins)

Babies ages newborn to 3 months – Weekly discussions address the concerns of the new mother with nonjudgmental support, and research based guidance on understanding early infancy, feeding, sleep, and development.

Babies ages 4-8 months – Weekly discussions address establishing healthy feeding and sleep routines, developmental play, and mothers’ individual questions.

Babies ages 9-12 months – Weekly discussions address the developing, increasingly mobile and communicating baby. Baby signing is taught and practiced weekly.

Toddlers 12-24 months – Interactive play is mixed with discussion of developmental concerns and questions. Strategies for encouraging language development, handling challenging behaviors, and emotion coaching are presented.

BabyAttuned Infant Massage Class (4 weeks)

Newborn to 7 months . Group instruction in gentle Loving Touch® massage. Infant massage creates a loving, intimate communication which enhances bonding, helps both baby and parent relax, reduces gas and colic, decreases irritability, regulates behavior and promotes sleep. Includes a step-by-step manual. Minimum 6/Maximum 20 per session. Drop-ins welcome.

BabyAttuned New Paths Discussion Groups (6 weeks)

A discussion group for parents of infants with special needs or lifelong disabilities. The goal is to address the grief and hope that every family member of a child with special needs faces, to encourage healthy coping, acknowledge the needs of each family member, and develop community support for all. Curriculum is adapted from T. Berry Brazelton MD’s Touchpoints Model for Special Needs families by the Lanterman Regional Center. (This group is for parents only.) Minimum 6/Maximum 12. Drop-ins welcome.

BabyAttuned offers parents several opportunities to learn about, monitor, and record their infant’s development from the prenatal period through the preschool years:

  • Prenatal anticipatory guidance class on “Observing and Understanding My Newborn’s Behavior, and Developing a Gentle Approach to Sleep and Crying Issues”
  • BabyAttuned Newborn observation with parent
  • Fussy Baby Consultation
  • Mom &/or Dad and Baby Groups; LGBTQ families welcome
  • Infant massage instruction
  • High quality parent-completed developmental records for your baby book
  • Individual consultation
  • Guided parent-child interaction therapy
  • Developmental assessment
  • Gifted Testing
  • Pediatric office, childcare, and preschool consults
  • Parenting Coach