Coaching is a collaborative psychoeducational mentoring relationship

  • CollaborativeWe work together to define your goals
  • PsychoeducationalI offer science-based strategies to try
  • MentoringI guide and review with you what is helpful/not helpful

It is often the little things you do every day that contribute most to your child’s well-being and set a strong foundation for life. I offer an individualized approach based on the latest science about how children and parents thrive. Coaching is offered for any normal developmental topic or parenting issue, related to expectant parents, newborns, infants, children and teens.

Some examples:

  • Prepare for parenthoodpregnancy is the best time to prepare both emotionally and practically
  • Parenting in the first year
  • Promoting language skills in your infant and toddler
  • How to help a child manage BIG feelings
  • When a child is unhappy at school
  • How to set up homework setting and routines to promote good study skills
  • Plan evenings to promote healthy habits, family mealtimes, and sleep hygiene

Coaching is offered via Google Meet, from the comfort of your home.

Your Coach: Eileen Escarce, PhD, MA, MSN, a licensed clinical developmental psychologist, with a background as a pediatric nurse practitioner and school psychologist.

Fee: $250 per hour, or $125 per half hour